What can I say? I Love New York! 

 It is one of my favorite cities in the world! In April 2009, my Greek friend, Helen and I visited NY after a short day visit in Washington DC.

As you can see, we stopped to see the immense image of Abraham Lincoln, very impressive!

Our trip to NY was for two reasons…one, to visit the headquarters of a Bible Society, which was an informative and spiritual experience.

And secondly, to see some of the wonderful landmarks that make NY famous, like the Empire State building.

We reached the top after a two hour wait, to the dismay of Helen, because she wanted to go to Macy’s instead! But please, how could we miss the wonderful view from the top??

Or how about the Statue of Liberty??

Here are two Ancient Ladies. But guess who is in the front? You guessed it…the live one!

  And the Metropolitan Museum, we loved so much…but 1/2 a day, it is impossible to see even a fourth of the awesome paintings and exhibits! Not to be biased or anything, but Helen and I ran to the Hellenic exhibits first. And of course David…our handsome David…as you see here!!!

 And what about Little Italy, wine, shopping, sweets, (dolci, as they say), and the fragrances of cafe expresso and freshly baked bread…oh my, I am drooling just thinking of it!!

The ferry boat was also very pleasant, with a crisp cold wind, and Lady Liberty…unforgettable!! Here is a picture with the friends we met on our tour. I have to say, one week is just not enough to do and see all the city has to offer to visitors like us.

I would go back in a minute, because I left some of my heart there!!!

Domates Yemistes

…or in other words…Stuffed Tomatoes, Greek Style

 Here is the elusive photo of one of the best Greek recipes I was telling you about earlier this week! This can either be made as a vegetarian dish, or with ground meat. There are many variations of this recipe. In the post below, you will find a link for the Stuffed Tomatoes with Ground Meat, and here is a vegetarian version.

Are you hungry yet???

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Well, since this blog has being idle for a while, I thought I would share some photos of my colorful dishes that I love to prepare … but also eat!!!  

The fresh veggies are from last year’s plentiful harvest of Glenn’s garden…oh I can not wait for this years crop…I’m tired of eating store bought tomatoes!  There is nothing more tasty than taking a tomato, fresh, ripe and red from the vine and and smashing it in your mouth!!!  Oh boy! Ok, back to more food photos…

This is a Greek salad I prepared for a picnic, with Greek feta cheese (a must) and of course kalamata olives! And the other one is Nicosian salad (or Salad Nicoise),  famous in Cyprus.

You can see from the picture the ingredients…there is white tuna and boiled potatoes, and do not forget the dressing made with virgin olive oil and lemon and oregano! Here is a recipe for it, if you would like to make one of your own.

And my pasta flora…this Greek dessert goes well with Greek coffee. The main ingredient is apricot preserves or jam. You can find a recipe for it here at GreekCuisine.com

 I believe I forgot my specialty…my stuffed tomatoes with rice, herbs and pine nuts. I am sorry I don’t have a photo to show you! Here is a variation of the recipe for you to try. You can also find some of these recipes at Recipe Source, where there are 407 Greek recipes. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Don’t they make you hungry?!?!

Kali orexi and buon appetito! Lily

March 17th

Well, it has being a long long time since the young ballerina and her handsome Elvis started their lives together 53 years ago in Greece!!
We’re still together, still loving each other very much, even though time may have changed beauty and youth and mobility!!
We enjoyed a very quiet 53rd anniversary dinner and a lot of laughs and memories (especially in company with a green Irish Whiskey) feeling that everything will be OK for us, as long as we are together and alive and in love!
  Glenn & Lily

Stories of my life

Would you like to see a photo story of my life?

Well, slowly but surely, there will be little videos of our life together through the years. I love creating little photo stories, of my husband and I, our children and grandchildren. The very first video is now up and ready to view…so, just take a look…they will be listed on the page “Stories of my Life”, and you can access it by clicking here, or click on the photo in the right margin.

I hope you enjoy it!

Colors of the day


Fuschia, Fuschia, Fuschia!!!

Friends and family would tell you, that this is my favorite color.  In my teenage years, you would have never found me wearing this color…back then, it was always black and navy blue. But, dear friends, when you are a “mature” grandmother , every little thing (like bright color) helps!

I have always enjoyed fashion, dressing up, looking nice. And I guess I never did outgrow the theatre! After all, my friends STILL call me the “Lipstick Police”. I always say, a little touch of makeup goes a long way to make us feel good, dignify our friends, and those who have to look at our faces!


Just a thought, by Lily

Photo for the day

always stylish…even in the garden

Fashions fade, style is eternal. ~Yves Saint Laurent