March 17th

Well, it has being a long long time since the young ballerina and her handsome Elvis started their lives together 53 years ago in Greece!!
We’re still together, still loving each other very much, even though time may have changed beauty and youth and mobility!!
We enjoyed a very quiet 53rd anniversary dinner and a lot of laughs and memories (especially in company with a green Irish Whiskey) feeling that everything will be OK for us, as long as we are together and alive and in love!
  Glenn & Lily

Stories of my life

Would you like to see a photo story of my life?

Well, slowly but surely, there will be little videos of our life together through the years. I love creating little photo stories, of my husband and I, our children and grandchildren. The very first video is now up and ready to view…so, just take a look…they will be listed on the page “Stories of my Life”, and you can access it by clicking here, or click on the photo in the right margin.

I hope you enjoy it!

Colors of the day


Fuschia, Fuschia, Fuschia!!!

Friends and family would tell you, that this is my favorite color.  In my teenage years, you would have never found me wearing this color…back then, it was always black and navy blue. But, dear friends, when you are a “mature” grandmother , every little thing (like bright color) helps!

I have always enjoyed fashion, dressing up, looking nice. And I guess I never did outgrow the theatre! After all, my friends STILL call me the “Lipstick Police”. I always say, a little touch of makeup goes a long way to make us feel good, dignify our friends, and those who have to look at our faces!


Just a thought, by Lily

Photo for the day

always stylish…even in the garden

Fashions fade, style is eternal. ~Yves Saint Laurent

Down Memory Lane

As we are getting settled into the new blog, I thought I would let you know of a couple new pages to browse around in. Take a look at the side bar to the right, and you will see the links to “In the Spotlight”, which features my time with the Actor’s Guild Association. And also, “My Life in the Theatre” will take you on a photo tour of my time in the theatre in Greece.

I hope you enjoy the photos! Thank you for taking the time to wander here today, and take a walk down memory lane with me. Please feel free to leave a comment or two.

In the future, I hope to upload a few videos, and maybe some music too.

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~Kevin Arnold

My New Blog


Lily in Washington, DC ~ April 2009

So, here is the new “face” of Lily’s Studio. After years on Geocities, we have made a change, hopefully one for the better! My new blog has all the great photos that my website had, so feel free to look around…you will find photos of my life in the theater, and my love of dance, as well as family photos.  

But the best part of having a blog will be the fact that I can upload and share new photos and news with you on a regular basis.  And feel free to leave me comments too…I would love to hear from you!


Greatest Moments

despin9.jpg  despin8.jpg   

One of the greatest moments of my short career was taking part in the 2nd season of the newly opened Athens Festival at the Ancient Theater of Herod Atticus, under the Acropolis. The Opera was Orfeo un Euridice, performed by the Greek National Opera in 1956 and it was a hit!

despin12a.jpg  despin1a.jpg 

In an August night with the moon out and the lighted Acropolis was a site never to be forgotten! And the music of Gluch, oh so heavenly!

My scrapbook

 Some of the performances I was in:

Un ballo un Masquera, Lucia di Lammermoor, The Tales of Hoffman, Operettas,  The Land of Smiles, and the Greek Operetta, Vaftistikos 


Dance was my life..


despin3.jpg  despin7.jpg

That’s all I thought about, all the time.

To my delight I was invited to join the corre de Ballet of the Greek National Opera, no doubt from the suggestion of my teacher, the prima ballerina.


opera1.jpg  opera2.jpg 

I was 17 years old and you can imagine my happiness, since this Greek theater was one of the oldest and respected by many music-loving Greeks! After all, Maria Callas sang there…before my time of course! I was in awe to be a part of that, to hear, day after day, many of the immortal Operas and Operettas, and of course to perform in some of them.

During this time, I had other opportunities to expand to other branches of the artistic world. I was invited to dance in a play by a Greek writer at a summer outdoor theater in the Royal Gardens, called Vasilikos Kipos.  In Greek, the play was called Erotokritos, and it was such a thrill for me to be with so many wonderful dramatic and character actors of the time… G. Papas, Kalogeirou,  N.Hatzihristos, and my dear, dear friend  Dionisios Papagianopoulos, one of the kindness men I ever met, and a true gentleman!  

Me and my tu-tu


Welcome to my blog!

As you can see from this baby picture, I always loved the tutu! 

 When I was 14 years old  I entered the famous dance school of Koula Prachika. After a year or so, my mother enrolled me into  Tatiana Varouti and Helen Choukala’s Ballet School that was thriving at this time. Helen was the prima ballerina of the Greek National Opera. Tatiana had studied and danced in Russiaso I was very privileged indeed, to study under those two wonderful and talented teachers. Our first school recital, Eine Kline Nacht music, was so professional that we had the recital in one of the Theaters in AthensWe looked good!  

And the story continues…

This is my blog…please browse around, to find out a little about me, my time in the ballet, the theatre…and a little more about my life.